tying the rainbow warrior

People come in the shop all the time and ask us what nymphs we use on the Missouri? Well? Here is one of them! It’s a great pattern that seems to start working in the fall, through the winter and into spring. I would classify it as an attractor pattern. It’s kind of a mayfly, almost a mayfly, almost a midge, kind of a scud, sow bug? How about an egg? What ever class you want to throw it in…. It catches fish! Lance Egan developed this fly and it’s popularity has taken off. If your a tailwater guy or want to tie great tailwater nymphs you might want to give the Rainbow Warrior a spot in your fly box.

Tying the Rainbow Warrior is pretty straight forward with no special tricks needed. I like to tie this guy on Dai-Riki’s #125 in sizes 16-20. If you have #135’s then use that hook. The #125 has a little shorter hook shank and a striaght eye, the differences between the two hooks dont really matter…. So tie with what you have. I am a big fan of red thread in this pattern. I tie a great little sow bug pattern that uses red thread and I believe the red head and little color that comes through is part of the patterns effectiveness. How about a purple underbody? Can work good when the BWO’s are around and the trout are on purple. How about Pink? Really? Do you need more pink bugs? Yellow thread and light yellow Ice Dub thorax? Tied on a 14? PMD time? It might work…. Just say’n….. You can tie this guy with brass silver beads, tung or glass beads…. All catch fish!
So enough from me… Start tying up these little guys and go catch some fish on them!

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