Who doesn’t love catching fish on scuds? On a lake… on a freestone… Tailwater…. Stripping… Under an indicator…. or where ever? Some turn their nose at the scud and say it’s just an egg? Pink egg…. Dead Egg…. Might as well put a bead on there? Well…. I designed this fly so there is no more drama over the scud(or the egg). It’s a scud and an egg…. Best of both worlds! You no longer have to feel like your fishing an egg…. Or a scud….. Your fishing both! If you want to get really dirty peg a bead above it and your an outlaw! Ladies and Gentlemen……Hide your dry fly and spey rods…… I would like to introduce the Skeeg!

tying the skeeg

I came up with this idea last winter sitting in my tying room after drinking a few beers. I wanted to tie a few flies that would probably work(novel idea) and was super heavy. The Rainbow Czech Nymph was working pretty good in a few spots on the Flathead but I was wearing it out. It seemed to work a little less everyday….. Time for a change…… I added a Pink MFC Lucent Bead and switched up the dubbing. Not being willing to commit to the full pink dubbing, because the Rainbow Czech was working so well, I decided to blend UV Fl Pink Ice Dub with Light Shade Rainbow Scud Dubbing. It turned out to be a really fishy color, I would say a spectrumized pink?

Tying the Skeeg is really straight forward. One thing to think about is the size of the second bead, pink one. You want to make sure it’s not so big that it closes the hook gap to much. If the bead is to big you might miss a few fish….. To small then you won’t see it….. Usually one size smaller than the lead bead, gold one. The other thing to think about is…. Make sure that there is a space between the two beads after you tie the abdomen. You need a space to tie in the pink collar. Thats it…. Tie up a few of these and throw’m in the fly box. I bet if you fish pink you’ll like this guys!

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