Welcome to another Fly of the Week. This week we are going to be tying a fly that a friend of mine brought in the shop for me to tie. It’s a very cool stonefly pattern and I thought I would share it with you. Of course I did check with him and he ok’d me doing a tying video and talking about it. So lets all give Randy a big thanks!

tying the steamer

This fly is a mix between a streamer and a Girdle Bug(The Tird)…… Let’s welcome the Steamer! The reason this fly caught my attention was it has attributes of the Girdle Bug and a streamer. I love fishing G-bugs and who can argue with the effectiveness of a streamer? Marabou tail….. Rubber legs… Chenille….. Bead….. Can you say fishy?

Over the last few years I have noticed that I have been catching less fish on the Flathead River on the Girdle Bug? Not to say I don’t get any but not like it was a few years ago…. Just my observation? So I’ve been working on new stonefly patterns and this bug really caught my attention! It could be that a few years ago there were more Stoneflies available for the trout to eat? We did have a big Golden Stonefly year that next summer? I always defer to my fishing ability before I blame Mother Nature. That’s why I’m always looking for new patterns and twists on old standbys! So if your looking for a new Stonefly pattern tie this guy up in your favorite colors and enjoy that hook set!

Tying this fly is pretty straight forward. Just a few things to think about. 1- I like to match the color of the tail to the color of the body. If I’m using a multi color chenille for the body I will carry those same colors into the tail. 2- I like to tie the steamer heavy! Tungsten bead and lead wire….. If you don’t have a tung bead then wrap it with lead wire. Tie it up heavy and get her down! 3-? Thats about it! Enjoy tying up the Steamer and go fishing!

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