tying an ant caddis

I love the simplicity of an Elk Hair Caddis….. Easy Tie…. Floats great and fish love it! I tried to stay true with the design of the Elk Hair Caddis and give it a little twist. When I came up with this fly brown and orange were good colors due to spruce moths all over the water. The body was an easy choice for this fly and everything else fell into place.

I have a list of those materials on the tying video. Other materials to keep in mind are:

Hooks – Dai-Riki #730’s in sizes 10-14

Thread – Unithread 6/0 in appropriate colors or MFC Premium Tying Thread. I like the MFC because it is non-waxed and super strong. The non-waxed thread lays flatter and is not as bulky when you tie with it.

Body Material – Foam, Rainy’s or Craft Store Foam. Rainy’s is a much better foam but Craft Store Foam will do in a pinch.

Underbody – Ice Dub

Legs – MFC Speckled Sexi Legs or any other rubber legs material you like

Wing Material – White Poly, McFlyon or Hareline Parapost material for synthetics. Elk or Deer for a natural wing.

Body – What ever Body Cutter you like to use, River Road Creations tapered body cutters in Small and Medium are very useful!!!!

These are just a few materials to think having. Please bring one of your favorite patterns and share with everyone

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