Yesterday my wife woke me in the early hours of the morning and told me to ………. look outside. I am unable to precisely describe the feeling that occurred when I looked out our living room window to see everything covered in white.  But I can say it was a mixture of ,” OK…….its here” as well as excitement ! and anticipation for what Winter can hold for our river system. When it comes to fishing I can safely say That I most definitely fall in to both psych categories of fisherman. I truly believe you can spend no better evening, or day, than that spent on a drift boat with a good friend (or two) and a few beers. This is the secret elixir that we are starved for as human beings, Yes I think it could change humanity as we know it. That said,  I also have a tremendous value for the quiet, and the sheer solitude that comes so often with this sport. For me, Winter is the pinnacle of that quiet and the river is that solitude. Watching the snow fall while standing in a completely empty piece of river and waiting for the all familiar……….. tug. I suppose this is something that was birthed when I first began on this journey. Before pro deals and guide trips and name brand waders, for god sake I discovered  the true power of this thing in the snow and in the cold !  My most perfect place was walking down a narrow path bundled under two thrift store sweaters, a pair of waders I found at a garage sale, and the only one fly rod I owned. And when I was successful in my endeavor and found a fish, I really cannot remember ever feeling more fulfilled and whole. The same is true today. And yes I still buy thrift store sweaters.  It could also be that I’m….. just a little off, or a little crazy. “Who looks forward to fishing in cold weather?”  Believe me I, understand and for some of those that know me they might agree with the latter. But there is some kind of pulse, some kind energy that exists out there when the weather turns cold. and years later it still electric. So the next time you drive over our beloved river on a cold snowy day, stop for a second, and look into into the water. And see if it says something….different to you. If it does, there might be something new waiting for you beneath.

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