Hog-Tober Fishing Report…..

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Its the 6th of October and we are having an amazing October!!! I say this with my fingers crossed and very quietly...... The weather is looking solid for the next week or so..... The sun should be out..... The temps should be above 60.... And the fish are on the prawl! We say it all the time...... This is the time of year to catch big fish on the … [Read More...]

Mayfly Day…..

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Today the sun has been peaking it's head in and out of the clouds. It's a mayfly day for sure! Sitting around tying flies and cleaning up my guide gear from the season. What are you doing? Tying flies? Fishing? Cleaning your boat? Hopefully not yard work? Here is a video for you to enjoy! Brothers On The Mayfly from BrothersOnTheFly on … [Read More...]

Fly of the Week


Tie it on and fish the deep water.... It works! … [Read More...]