Getting Antsy…..


The weather is heating up for a few days and it seems everyone is getting a little antsy! Me too! Give us some sun and above freezing temps and it's summer out. So get out this weekend and go enjoy the little glimps of whats to come. Enjoy this great video by Team Backcountry! … [Read More...]

Tying the Steamer

tying the steamer

Welcome to another Fly of the Week. This week we are going to be tying a fly that a friend of mine brought in the shop for me to tie. It's a very cool stonefly pattern and I thought I would share it with you. Of course I did check with him and he ok'd me doing a tying video and talking about it. So lets all give Randy a big thanks! This fly is a mix … [Read More...]

Couch Time Is Over…… Fish Time Is On………


What a day today was! The sun was out and the temp was well above freezing! It's funny when the temps bump up Montanan's get outside and do stuff.... Well at least with less layers on! The Flathead is in great shape and the fish are eating! The Main Stem of the Flathead River is flowing at 7800 CFS … [Read More...]