August 16, Fly Fishing Report


It's the middle of August.... Few more weeks and were into September. Time flies when your catching fish every day! The last few days we have seen some cooler and wetter weather in the Valley. Some areas are getting rain..... Some not so much. These cooler temps are great for the river, keeping water temps down and fish happy. Bugs? Saw a few … [Read More...]

Rymes With Tuba…..


One from Tim Joern..... This trip has been on my radar for awhile, but I expected it to be a year or two out. But opportunity knocked and few days later I was sipping mojitos with Hemingway’s spirit. By itself, Havana alone is a worthy destination. Old cars, cigars and bars…vibrant music around every corner. For me, culture and … [Read More...]

Fly of the Week


August is the time to start thinking about Terrestrials.... Hoppers... Beetles... and my favorite.... Ants! Tie some of these guys up and fish them! Tie them up in a few colors and go catch some fish! … [Read More...]