Weekend Fishing Report….


Flathead River is flowing at 6000 CFS with temps hitting 38 today... Look for those water temps to keep going up with this little "warming trend" were having. Warming trend? What? It looks like the daytime highs are going to be in the mid to upper 30's with night time temps in the high 20's. Some precipitation headed our way in the form of rain and … [Read More...]

Monday and Tuesday Night Fly Tying…..


This week we are going to move our Thursday Night Fly Tying to Monday Night. Since Thursday is Christmas we'll bump it up a few days. We are going to be tying streamers this week. This will be a good night to show up as there are lots of good streamer patterns that show up on streamer night. What to bring? Long shank hooks.... Marabou.... … [Read More...]

Tying The Skeeg…..


Who doesn't love catching fish on scuds? On a lake... on a freestone... Tailwater.... Stripping... Under an indicator.... or where ever? Some turn their nose at the scud and say it's just an egg? Pink egg.... Dead Egg.... Might as well put a bead on there? Well.... I designed this fly so there is no more drama over the scud(or the egg). It's a scud … [Read More...]