Rock N Roll Fishing Report… Live from the Clark Fork

clark fork river

In the clouds on the Clark Fork, just pulled over for lunch..... Though I would do a live fishing report for you...... One song comes to mind..... Seek And Destroy Lunch is over..... Back at it! … [Read More...]

Rymes With Tuba…..


One from Tim Joern..... This trip has been on my radar for awhile, but I expected it to be a year or two out. But opportunity knocked and few days later I was sipping mojitos with Hemingway’s spirit. By itself, Havana alone is a worthy destination. Old cars, cigars and bars…vibrant music around every corner. For me, culture and … [Read More...]

Fly of the Week


You've heard it before... Nothing new hear except a little twist on the good old wire worm. Everyone fishes their own variation of the worm. But this guy has been working great for me the last week or so. I couldnt find a video or have time to do one but I'll fill you in on the details. Use the materials that you see in this video.... But add … [Read More...]