July 22…Fly Fishing Report…..


The Flathead is flowing at 11,700 CFS as of now, about 2,000 CFS above our historical average. All this extra water is gong to treat us very well later in August. More water... More happy trout..... MOre willing fish to eat dry flies. Water temps were on the rise today from 55 to 60 in the heat of the day. The big bump in temps really turned on the … [Read More...]



We all know that this is a great place to live. For all kinds of reasons people end up in this great little Valley of ours. Being a transplant from somewhere else I fell in love with the area about 10 years ago.... Quit my career and moved out here. We hear the same story all the time... Out on vacation.... Go fishing... Go hiking.... Buy a house and move to the … [Read More...]

Fly of the Week


You've heard it before... Nothing new hear except a little twist on the good old wire worm. Everyone fishes their own variation of the worm. But this guy has been working great for me the last week or so. I couldnt find a video or have time to do one but I'll fill you in on the details. Use the materials that you see in this video.... But add … [Read More...]